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March 18, 2021
9 am - 2 pm EST

Building community with your business

1:30 pm

Abundance in business and life cannot be achieved without understanding the importance of community. In this workshop, clinical social worker and life and wellness coach, Edith Arias, will talk about why creating community is an important part of being a heart-centered entrepreneur. You'll learn what building a safe community means and how can you use your skills and passions to change the world for the better.

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Edith Arias

MSW, Wellness Practitioner at Grow Wellness Practice

About Edith Arias

As a wellness practitioner, Edith's aim is to guide people to care for themselves while respecting their personal practice. She's passionate about creating collective healing by promoting individual well-being, and integrates modalities that heal and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Her approach to treatment is community-oriented, wellness-centered.

​As a wellness practitioner, Edith understands the challenges we face and supports people towards positive and wholehearted living.
​Grow Wellness Practice, is her unique healing practice that is community-oriented, with a trauma-aware lens, and an integrative holistic perspective. She's passionate about sharing practices of healing and growth, through therapeutic, coaching, and yoga.

Edith is a Latinx NY born Salvadorian raised in Southeast Los Angeles. She's a first-generation college graduate with Salvadoran immigrant parents. graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and a Master’s in Social Work, from the University of Southern California. Edith received her Yoga Teacher Certification from Peoples Yoga, a community-focused yoga studio that is committed to creating accessible health and wellness spaces in the community. She is a certified JRNI coach, sharing wellness life coaching and is the the co-founder of Semillas Wellness, an organization focused on providing wellness through expression, education, and culture a community organization for the Southeast Los Angeles area.