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March 18, 2021
9 am - 2 pm EST

Speak and Present like a Boss

12:30 pm

Speaking and presenting is not just about remembering your words and keeping your cool in front of an audience. Being a captivating speaking means you are embodying your brand and message so that it connects to the people you want to serve. In this workshop, speaking coach, Emanuela Hall, will teach you how to get into your body, connect to your breath, and free your voice, so that you feel prepared for any speaking engagement. You'll also learn what it means to be a confident speaker, and why, focusing on how you speak is often more important than what you say.

"I was SO fortunate to have the opportunity for Emanuela to review my videos.  Her feedback INSTANTLY ID'd opportunities for improvement!  Neck tension, head placement, pressured voice... slight adjustments that make a WORLD of difference in the final result." 

- Dr. Andrea L Leschak, PharmD, (travel-health & wellness)

"Emanuela helped me step out of my comfort zone and record my first vdieo! All of the tips she provided were invaluable. She put me at ease and helpedme to remember my WHY which is that I have something to share with others. She is awesome!"

- Dawn Hattison, Life Coach

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Emanuela Hall

Speaking Coach, Actor, creator of the Creative Wellness Method

About Emanuela Hall

Emanuela is multi-passionate entrepreneur, actress, mommy of 2, and lover of stories. Her work is rooted in the beliefs that creativity matters, stories matter, and that everyone has one to give the world. As a speaking coach, Emanuela helps people find their story, master their voice confidence, and captivate their audience.

After becoming a mother, Emanuela found her own raw and intimate story. She struggled with post-partum anxiety, breastfeeding, and her doubts about motherhood. Emanuela used her creativity and voice to turn this experience into her award winning, one-woman play, My Breast Self. (@my_breast_self)

For over a decade, Emanuela developed the Creative Wellness Method; interactive and inclusive group workshops that promote healing, health, and connection through creativity and mindfulness. (@creativewellnessworkshops). She has been the creative coach for retirement and long-term care homes in Hamilton, where she implemented drama, music, movement, and writing programs for residents and staff.

Emanuela is a registered yoga instructor (with over 300 hours of training), a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and obtained her BFA in Musical Theatre from The New School University (NYC).