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March 18, 2021
9 am - 2 pm EST

Creating your Authentic Brand

10:30 am

What does it mean to create a brand? It's so much more than a logo, colors, and fonts. A great brand will set you apart and will give you the visibility you need to grow your business. In this workshop, Meredith McCreight, founder of brand consultancy Create Without Bounds, will share how to create a brand that feels authentic to you and stands out to the right people—the ones you are here to serve. You'll also learn why hiring the right people to help you create your brand matters, and what kinds of questions you should be asking to ensure your high vibe and vision shine through.

Meredith was genuinely interested in understanding my pain points, not just selling me a solution. She went out of her way to make sure we worked together during the process and didn't rush me through anything just to get to completion. Her design expertise and compassion blended well with my desire to speak authentically and passionately to my audience."

- Stacy Idema, Certified Coach

"Meredith was so thorough during the discovery phase. She asked so many specific questions to help me uncover my core brand values, identity and visual aesthetic. Her strengths encompass both creative visual design concepts as well as foundational business and marketing practices"

- Kammie Kobyleski, Certified Coach & Intuitive Guide

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Meredith McCreight

Brand consultant + Designer, Certified Life Coach, CEO @ Create Without Bounds

About Meredith McCreight

Meredith McCreight is a brand consultant, designer + developer, and a certified coach. She owns Create Without Bounds, a small creative consultancy that helps women scale their heart-centered businesses through soul-focused branding, strategic design, and authentic marketing. Meredith also co-founded Done for You Content, a template shop for online businesses and academy for women coaches.

After receiving her coaching certification from JRNI in March 2018, Meredith realized she needed to integrate coaching into her design practice in service of women business owners. Five months later, after nearly a decade and a half in marketing and design jobs, she said goodbye to the corporate world forever and founded CWB.

Meredith believes everyone has a unique dharma (purpose) in this lifetime, and it’s not only our divine right to live in alignment with our dharma, it’s our responsibility to share our gifts with this world, in service of the greatest good. Branding and marketing are merely tools that allow us to spread the word about our gifts so that we may serve and impact.

When she’s not vibing high with her soul-centric clients, Meredith enjoys meditation and journaling, hiking, riding her bike, going for long walks with her dog Miles, and running the streets of Charlottesville with anti-racist running group Prolyfyck (name inspired by lyrics from Nipsey Hussle’s song Victory Lap: “I'm prolific, so gifted / I'm the type that's gon' go get it”). She loves cooking intricate, wholesome meals while jamming out to music and cherishes her time with loved ones above all else. She is SOUL grateful to be connected with you!