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March 18, 2021
9 am - 2 pm EST

Maximise motivation through time and energy management

9:15 am

You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of how you can plan your week/month out effectively while still making big strides in your business without sacrificing your self-care. Helena & Meagan have both successfully managed multiple businesses and brands while pursuing self-development and professional goals. They will share how they balance the hustle and heart of their day to day; give you permission to take cues from your body and mind as well as learn the importance of simple time blocking and using a planner productively.

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Emerge Mentoring

Helena McKinney & Meagan Santa, LIfestyle & Mindset Mentors

About Emerge Mentoring

Emerge Mentoring, Helena McKinney and Meagan Santa; two steel town girls with yogi mindsets. What makes their collaboration so strong? Both women are entrepreneurs, leaders in their community and passionate students of life. This initiative began when they recognized their potential to teach and share their experiences of building businesses from the ground up. Whether you are trying to get your company off the ground or move your business in a new direction, they want to inspire people to see positive results and growth.

Helena and Meagan’s journey began in June of 2015 at In Fine Feather Yoga in Hamilton, Ontario. The yoga studio was evolving and the community was growing quickly. Meagan had recently graduated from the yoga teacher training program and held the skill set to support the development of a small business. While Helena could continue to be the face of the business and deal with community relations, Meagan helped develop the online platform to sustain the emerging yoga centre. A deep friendship and sisterhood evolved from hours of collaborating, brainstorming launches and travelling all over for training seminars and conferences.

Teaching and mentoring is something that came naturally to both of them through their experiences facilitating workshops, programs and instructing yoga classes all around the Southern Ontario region. The practice of yoga is at the core of everything they do and has created the path for this venture, Emerge. Emerge Mentoring is here to support others on their path to fulfilment. Helena and Meagan became business partners to inspire others to pursue their passions as they both have and continue to do so successfully.