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March 18, 2021
9 am - 2 pm EST

Building a healthy business and a healthy you

11:30 am

Building an abundance business doesn't shouldn't take a toll on your health and happiness. In this workshop, life coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer, Ana Alexandre, will share with you why building a healthy business means building a healthy you too. She'll also teach you how to find harmony between your needs and those of your business while providing practical tips on how to serve others without sacrificing your health.

"I would recommend Ana’s services to anyone who is having to make a big change in their life, even if they are kind of dragging their feet a bit about having to follow through."

- Libby Garret Innovation Trends Specialist

"Ana has changed the way I eat, but more importantly the way I feel. My physical, mental and emotional health is at a peak where it has never been before. I bring more confidence to my auditions and more energy & joy to my performance."

- Jamie Mason

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Ana Alexandre

Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

About Ana Alexandre

Ana Alexandre is a certified life coach, nutritionist and personal trainer, who offers a holistic approach to wellness. Through her coaching sessions, speaking and corporate wellness programs, she helps people fuel their body + life.
Ana is a feminist who loves red wine, dark chocolate and kale. For more information visit anaalexandre.com