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November 16, 2020

The main reason coaching businesses struggle

Are you a struggling coach? Then this post was written for you.
Most new coaches (and even some that have been at it for awhile) make the same mistake that prevents them from growing their business. They are focused on the wrong things.
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Chances are you are like most coaches and have a certificate or 3, maybe a few accreditations, and you keep up with all the latest techniques to help your clients have incredible transformations. So why is your business struggling?

Coaching is a skill not a business.

That might come as a surprise to you or maybe you never thought about it before. And in case you don’t quite understand it yet, let me make it a little clearer for you.

What if you were an amazing jewelry maker? Does that mean you have a jewelry business? Nope. It means you make jewelry that people like and want.

Luckily, you’ve already done the hard part.

As a coach that hires coaches and coaches coaches, I can tell you that a good coach is worth whatever they are charging. (Do you think I said coach enough times in that sentence?) How much is a life changing transformation worth? Usually more than what a coaching package is priced at.

But being an amazing coach isn’t the key to a successful business. The purpose of any business is to sell something, usually a service or a product. Successful businesses create the infrastructure to support and create selling opportunities.

Unfortunately, most coaching programs don’t teach you how to run a business. 

If you have already set up a business and understand how to sell and have all the systems in place, you are probably doing pretty good. But if you’re like most coaches, you are struggling to figure out all the systems to get your business running.

I have seen coach after coach spend hours upon hours trying to get their website up and running, or tweak a landing page, or try to make the product or package perfect, or any number of other tech related activities. And the truth is...

If you are not focused on selling, it is difficult to grow a business.

At the end of the day, the only successful coaches are the ones that engage in activities that bring in sales. As a website developer, it pains me to say this… your website isn’t the key to being successful. But it can be the platform to support you so you can grow your business.

If you’re tech savvy and really enjoy figuring out systems, then by all means… keep at it! However, if you would rather spend your time creating content for your clients, supporting your clients, and learning new things that will help you be an even more amazing coach than you are, then you should consider hiring someone to help you create a complete online system.

I’m not just saying that so you’ll hire me (but if you are interested you can learn more about my Website + Coaching package). When it comes to certain services such as accounting, getting your hair done, or fixing your car, we don’t think twice about going for outside help. But when it comes to websites and certain tech, sometimes people feel like they need to do it themselves because so many other people do it themselves. 

Only you know what you are comfortable doing, what you enjoy doing, and what you’re good at. Maybe you build your website yourself but hire a social media agency. Or maybe you enjoy posting on social media but hire an ad agency. For everything you don’t enjoy doing, there is someone out there that is passionate about it.

Whatever you do, think about what your time is worth. If you are charging $5,000 for about 20 hours of work, why would you waste 20+ hours building a website if it wasn’t something you were good at or enjoyed? Your time is best spent on supporting existing clients and doing the activities that bring in new clients (aka sales). 

The fact that many coaches spend time doing activities that are not bringing in new sales is the main reason coaching businesses struggle. 

Are you ready to get help and stop struggling with your website, landing pages, and funnels? Learn more about my Website + Coaching package.

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